CIT Training

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training

CIT Graduating Class of Spring 2012: (Sgt. M Farrar pictured first row, third from the right)

CIT is a fourty-hour course for law enforcement personnel where participants learn how to recognize and effectively respond to someone experiencing a mental health crisis.  The class teaches effective techniques for de-escalating crisis with the goal of helping to direct persons with mental illness into treatment instead of incarceration.  

In 2000, Summit County became the first location in Ohio to hold CIT training thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Akron Police Department, the Alcohol, Drug Addiction & Mental Health (ADM) Services Board, the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) and the local mental health service providers.  Over the last 10 years, over 400 Summit County law enforcement officers have completed this training.

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States and with the prevelance of autism now at 1 out of 50 (CDC; March 2013), the future of CIT is autism awareness training for police officers.  As the autism population continues to increase in numbers and those with autism continue to grow older, law enforcement officers are going to have more contacts with those affected by autism.  Firstaid4autism is designed to assist police officers in not only becoming more aware of the common behaviors of those affected by autism but also how to increase their likelyhood of having a successful encounter. 

I have taught for numerous CIT classes held in Summit County.  Dr. Mark Munetz, Dr. Doug Smith, Lt. Michael Woody (Ret.) and Sgt. Michael Yohe all recognize the need for this training for every CIT officer in Summit County and I am glad to be an instructor for this all important training.  

Firstaid4autism is a great opportunity for basic CIT or even for an advanced CIT training class.  If your officers are not receiving autism awareness training as part of the basic CIT curriculum, please consider adding a portion for autism training.  It is crucial for every CIT officer to have. ABC News Cleveland

10/10/2013: Autism/CIT Training

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