Autism Awareness Training

My name is Mark Farrar and I have created a training program that is essential for everyone who is likely to encounter a person with autism.  With the prevelence of autism now affecting 1 in 50 children (Center for Disease Control; March, 2013), if you work in the public sector or work in any type of public service field, you will increasingly be faced with those affected by autism.  Will you know what to do and how to respond? 

As an Akron Police Lieutenant, this training program was originally geared towards First Responders but quickly developed into a training program beneficial for anyone likely to encounter individuals with autism.

As a proud father of a son affected by autism and a police supervisor for the Akron Police Department, I teach with passion and conviction.  I have shared my trainings with thousands of people all across the State of Ohio.  This training program provides you with the knowledge and likelyhood of having a successfull encounter with a person affected by autism.  Firstaid4autism is not just a slogan but rather a training class that will leave you better informed, better prepared and more confident when dealing with any person affected by autism.  Everyone benefits when we all know basic first aid and Firstaid4autism is no different.

This is a one of a kind presentation that teaches you things that you will be able to use in your everyday work or personal life.  This training class not only teaches you about autism awareness, it is one of the most highly rated autism training programs in the county and is also endorsed by the Autism Society of Ohio (ASO).  You may also receive CEUs for this class.  

This presentation not only brings awareness but a piece of first aid to the autism puzzle.   

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